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In The Beginning ....

Tin Whistle is the only New Years resolution I have ever kept. In 2017 I was lucky enough to be working with some amazing students from Guernsey College of FE on two projects for the charity Safer and the Drug and Alcohol Strategy here in #Guernsey. I was overwhelmed by the talent, dedication and potential of the young performers and felt compelled to try and establish a professional Theatre Company on island. I wanted to create opportunities for local performers to be able to employed on "Equity Rate" contracts and to showcase the amazing artists we have locally.

It took just over a year to work out the logistics of the company and to develop a strategy of how best to realise my vision. Then in the Spring of 2018 we opened our first show in locals schools. I will post more about each shows but it is fair to say that Biscuits, Brains and Betrayal proved to me that all the hard work was worth it and I am so pleased to have worked with Vanessa Mee (writer), Dave Hyett & Anna Brook-Mitchell (actors) on this first production.

As the Artistic Director of Tin Whistle Productions I hope to make theatre that educates and entertains our audiences, whatever their ages and I hope in a small way to challenge peoples preconceived ideas about what #Theatre should be. It is my belief that, as storytellers, we should place the #forthwall behind the audience and that they are the last characters that are added to the play. I hope to invite audiences into our worlds and for them to luxuriate in an alternative reality and leave their problems behind them for a short time. I also hope to use theatre to promote conversations around issues and hope from that dialogue that, through performances, we as a society can engage in meaningful change.

I hope you enjoy our new blog and keep checking in to find out about our new projects.

Oli Bailey-Davies

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