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Impro Club

We are launching our two new acting sessions for local performers.

The first rule of "Impro Club" is please, talk about Impro Club .... please!

Looking at developing Improvisation skills to help performers be creative, free and playful in their performances. Focusing on the teaching of Viola Spolin, the Godmother of American Improvisation, these sessions will help enhance your core performing skills whilst being a good bit of mid-week laughter therapy. No prior experience required, just a willingness to explore, learn and be silly.

For the more experienced performers our Professional Acting session will look to challenge and extend your skills on stage and in rehearsals. Tin Whistle has developed over the past few years and we are working towards developing a Repertory Theatre Company based at the PRCPA. This session is the first step in this journey. These classes will be focused on contemporary script as well as new writing. This session is for experienced and confident performers

Sessions are £5 each or £8 for the double. Running for 10 weeks (except 6th Nov) To register your interest please comment below or direct message us.

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